Celebrate and capture the essence of Dosojin Fire Festival with our limited edition gin.
Doso Gin

Doso Gin

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gin steeped in local history

The Doso Gin, a limited-release ode to the Dosojin Fire Festival. With every sip, savor a memory of the tradition that is the heartbeat of Nozawa Onsen. Every bottle helps support the continuation of this unique tradition.

Doso gin

the taste of nozawa

A uniquely Nozawa taste of toasted buna, hojicha, and a blend of winter spices. Best served neat, with soda, or with warm water.

doso gin botanicals

Toasted Buna Tree

Every year, Nozawa villagers trek up the mountain and ceremoniously select buna trees that will be used to construct the Dosojin shrine. We decided to toast buna wood chips to bring out smokey and earthy notes.


Winter is an ideal time to gather around the table enjoying the roasted flavors of hojicha. The Japanese tea provides toasty notes with a warm round finish.

Winter Spices

Comforting winter spices like cinnamon and ginger intertwine with smokey toasted notes, capturing the essence of the winter season.