classic dry gin


Classic Dry Gin
Classic Dry Gin

Classic Dry Gin

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ABV: 48%

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classic dry gin

The perfect martini for a night out in nozawa

Our Classic Dry Gin is distilled for the bold and intrepid. Notes of citrus are enhanced by punchy local sansho pepper. The perfect martini or any classic gin drink.

classic dry gin botanicals

Sansho Pepper

Often used in combination with citrus in cooking, sansho has a similar complementary effect in our gin. The tingling sensation and punchy zest is a perfect match with villafranca lemons. All sansho is carefully hand-peeled to extract its unique flavor profile.

Villafranca Lemon

Our unique choice of lemons comes from a Hiroshima grower who takes great care in producing a delicate citrus with less bitterness than other lemon varieties. They provide a refreshing top note and bright fragrance to the Classic Dry Gin.

Orris Root

This perfume-like Moroccan botanical contributes to the woody and sweet aroma you taste in the Classic Dry Gin. The soft, powdery texture of orris root gives our gin a smooth finish with a hint of white chocolate.