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We're embarking on an epic adventure

It’s a partnership of passionate local people and other individuals who over the years have found their way to settle in this magical town of Nozawa Onsen. Our ambition is to one day soon to be regarded as one of the world's best Gin and Whisky distilleries. Blessed with crystal clear mountain spring water and an abundance of locally sourced mountain botanicals, you can taste the unique spirit of Nozawa.


Nozawa Onsen Village, Kita Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Honshu, the main Island of Japan. Nozawa is a small village with a population of 3,600 that attracts skiers from all over the world during the the powder snow season. Spring, summer and autumn attracts visitors who enjoy the hot springs, village hospitality, fresh mountain air, mountain biking, hiking and unique culinary experiences.
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The Spirit of Nozawa

Proud local traditions and unique festivals continue with a local community deeply protective of its unique culture and heritage. In this village, you can hear the sound of water flowing wherever. Over the course of 50 years, the snowfall on the mountain top filters through the earth to become pure spring water flowing through the village. The beech trees, flowers, animals, and people of Nozawa Onsen are a family nourished by this ancient flow. This is a spirit you can taste in every drop of our carefully crafted products.

located in the heart of the village

The Nozawa Onsen Distillery is located in the heart of the village, in a renovated canning factory, historically used by villagers for the preserving of both farmed and wild mountain vegetables. Just a minute’s walk from the Oyu Onsen, visit us for a distillery tour, spirit tastings, bar, masterclasses and gift shop.
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