"Our Spirits begin as snowmelt that filters for 50 years through ancient mountain granite. Spirits, made with patience, old wisdom, naive exuberance and locally sourced ingredients. Taste the mountains, the forest and the unique seasons in every drop. The Spirit of Nozawa. Shinshu, Japan."


We’re a group of passionate individuals in love with our village and the fine art of making world class spirits. We’re hell-bent on sharing the centuries old traditions and natural splendors of Nozawa Onsen with the rest of Japan.


"Taste the natural bounties of Nozawa Onsen"

“Nozawa Onsen is a village with rich traditional Japanese culture and wonderful natural scenery. The new Nozawa Onsen Distillery is an attractive sightseeing spot for visitors to enjoy and taste different spirits made from the natural bounties of Nozawa.”

— Toshi Tomii: Mayor of Nozawa Onsen

"Enjoy a new Nozawa Onsen story!"

"The beech forests of Nozawa Onsen have high water retention capacity, providing us with hot springs and delicious water for hundreds of years. The taste and aroma of craft gin and whisky made with that water is a new story of Nozawa Onsen."

— Kenji Kono: Director of Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association

"Gin and whisky made from delicious water."

"Nozawa Onsen has wonderful and delicious spring water. Gin and whisky made with this natural spring water is sure to be delicious and surprising. I am really looking forward to pairing it with dishes and desserts."

—Takamasa Hirahara: Local Nozawa Chef